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Best Half Term Activities

Best Half Term Activities

April 06, 2021

I don't know about you ......but we have run out of all rainy day parenting ideas and activities! So on the hunt for something to get us through the Easter holidays we have created a list of our favourite finds!

All small businesses that we love and all new activities to try!


Clockwise from Top Left 

1. Cinnamon Silly Snails Kit £19.99 

2. DIY Honey Bee £8

3. Lunch Bag £19 

4. Make a Magical Garden Set £16.95 

5. Positive Doodle Diary £15

6. Lots of Lovely Art  "Little Ones" Box £27 www.lotsoflovelyart.o

7. Reusable Smoothie Pouches Set £14

8.The Cottage Garden Den Kit £45 

Center 9. Steel Lunch Box Kit £39.99