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Top Tips for getting organised

Top Tips for getting organised

January 25, 2021

My name is Laura-Jane Bolton but most people call me Janey or LJ! I am from Milton Keynes, Bucks and have 2 children. A 5-year-old boy called Arlo and a 3-year-old girl called Rose. Currently, I am a part time teacher focusing on Maths intervention for those children who might be struggling. Before children, I worked Full Time as a Key stage leader and class teacher with an over view of Maths throughout the curriculum.

I love getting organised, it helps be stay relaxed even with a busy schedule, here are some of my Top Tips.

1. Lists, lists, lists! I can’t emphasise my love for lists enough! I make lists to get me through each busy day as well as for long term goals. Writing things down on paper helps organise your mind when you are overwhelmed and can be a good way to reduce your stress and anxiety. Make sure you tick off the tasks as you go. I enjoy a double cross to really show I’ve completed a task! You can also include me time activities on your list to balance the ‘need to do’ vs the ‘want to do’. 

2. Try forward planning with a diary/calendar or just mentally thinking through a week or a month and deciding what will need to be completed, bought or planned. Managing to buy birthday presents at the beginning of a month and then just popping them in the post or dropping them round on the day has been a game changer. 

3. Prioritise…You don't always have to be on top of everything. Something can wait, and I find if you prioritise your to do list you can still achieve everything you want to, in less of a hurry. Each task gets its own time vs firefighting everything at once. 

4. Tidy! I genuinely have a real need for my house to be tidy before I can focus on anything else around me. It makes my brain feel boggled when the house is a mess. It just creates a calmer environment for me and hopefully for others. Even finding 5 mins to do a quick tidy in a specific space can make a big difference to your mood, or at least give you that one serene spot at home.

5. Prep - I love to prep, whether that is food in advance, clothes ready for school or work, packed lunches made or dinner started. I try to take a part of any free time I get and think what could I do really quickly that will help me later! Sometimes I leave coffee in our cups ready for the morning and kids shoes and coats ready for them to put on by the door. This might only take me a minute the night before but saves me more time in the morning. Try and find the little steps that work in your home and you’ll see the time saved can really add up.


I have definitely found that organisation helps to keep my anxiety and stress to a minimal level, particularly in the mornings when we are all rushing to get out to work, school and nursery by 7.30am. I know I have ‘helped’ my husband to organise his life and stay on track - not sure he would fully agree! He does say we are a great team as we both like to prep and plan! In a normal year we often host family events but it doesn’t phase us as we think ahead, make the lists and prep

For me, relaxing or me-time doesn’t mean sitting down or having a bath but being able to do something I like to do, by myself. To be able to just focus on a task, cook dinner or do some chores and not have to answer a million questions, or watch a dance move, play a game or whatever else the kids request!! In another climate, going for a facial is my ultimate luxury - so relaxing!