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Second Hand Sunday

Second Hand Sunday

January 24, 2021

Remember the Rodebjer Quilted coat that took over last years Feb fashion week? Well its might be a new year but the weather is still cold, quilted coats are still on trend (and lets face it, super comfortable and practical) and …..I still can't get the yellow quilted coat images out of my head. 

I love a pop of color in dreary winter!

How easy is it to shop secondhand online? What are the best online secondhand shops? Can we recreate the look, shopping sustainably and second hand...….

Challenge accepted! 

1. Yellow Quilted coat £54.57 Vestaire 

Firstly we love Vestiare Collective for secondhand designer clothing. As a seller its super simple and as a buyer you are reassured that everything is checked before you receive it. 

2. Ralph Lauren Leather Leggings £14 a day to rent

Why buy when you can rent! Especially a more expensive piece of clothing, that you might want to test the fashion waters with.

3. Classic Black Cashmere Polo Neck £44

The Nearly New Cashmere Co salvage, mend and repair old cashmere pieces giving them a new life.

4. Marni Sunglasses £89

Who doesn't love a classic pair of oversized Marni sunglasses? Rebelle is another secondhand designer selling site, a virtual treasure trove you can get officially lost in looking for bargains. 



 Street Style Photo :@alexisforeman