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Founded in Melbourne in 2013, Frank Green are passionate about single use and wanted to create a product well designed, stylish, and convenient. Not only are the cups made from premium and safe materials, they are recyclable at the end of life and in as little as 15 uses you will begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your cup.

The ULTIMATE in reusable travel mugs! These reusable cups are leak proof, with a screw top lid and click button for easy opening and closing. Perfect for taking hot or cold drinks with you wherever you go.

HAPS Nordic

Haps Nordic vision aligns with us here at Considered as their aim is to make a sustainable lifestyle a little easier and a lot more beautiful, working only with GOTS-certified factories.

Check out the collection featuring the most stylish reusable baby food pouches, reusable sandwich bags, and reusable snack pouches in beautiful patterned GOTs certified organic cotton.

Haps Nordic's mission is to reduce food and packaging waste and make it easy to take healthy food with you on the go.


BLAFRE is officially (in our opinion) the BEST leak free stainless steel water bottle for kids, and adults alike. These stainless-steel reusable water bottles are perfect for eco-conscious families who want to avoid single plastic use. Sold in 300ml, with an additional drink spout these bottles pop perfectly in any bag or backpack for a day out, walk to the park or scoot. They are also the perfect stylish prompt to drink more water whilst working from home. Running around after the kids or at in the office.


The perfect alternative to plastic bags, these long handle and short handle Turtle bags are made of Fairtrade organic cotton, making then extremely flexible and strong. Perfect for grocery shopping or folding up in a pocket for an emergency bag.